Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Projectors Going Into Classrooms

With the goals of better physical, energy and time managment, The Teaching and Learning Center at the University of New Mexico Valencia Campus is proud to announce over the next two weeks we will be installing 18 new projectors through out the campus. Additionally, with our close working relationship with Epson we are upgrading our older Epson Projectors with new ones that meet our current plans.

All told by the end of this semester we should have 36 new projectors in place that will help us better manage our infrastructure and give us early alerts when bulb lives are nearing their end plus inform us when projectors need cleaning. The projectors all have slightly longer bulb lives than our current 8 year old projectors and have the ability to run at not only high altitude but also run in economy mode to conserve bulb life. With top loading bulbs and network mangability we will now be able to conserve support time by up to 60%.

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