Thursday, May 7, 2009

Transparent Communications with employees and employers

I've been seeing lots of workshops and post about have transparent collaborative communications between Employers and Employees. Question I have is that such a good thing?

Sure we want great communication streams between the hired hands and the bosses. But, rarely is that the case. So when corporate gets on their high horses and demands more transparent communications I think they're missing one very important element. If employees are telling the companies what they think and their immediate bosses either do not communicate why ideas or bad or why ideas can not be implemented or show disdain for employees who speak up then it is my thought that by the nature of the beast you will only create a larger rift between management and employees. Remember it is the employees who are the engine of the company. You might do the steering but you're not going anywhere without a water pump or carburetor.

Now if they do not want that rift leave things as they are and forget all about the transparent communications. Or if they truly want to move communications through the channels as quickly and as smartly as possible, then you need to review each and every management person and cull out those who are still in the ancient mode of shut up and work or leave. Just my thoughts.

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