Friday, September 5, 2008

The Death Defying Adventures of Philip the huh?

So September 7th was a big day for me and I didn't even know it!

I had to do some maintenance on our new Media Site Server on 9/7 and then I was suppose to have brought back or stationary classroom capture systems. So I go along, do what I can to the server, load up the dolly to take the new capture systems out to the car. So far so average!

Well when I walk out to my surprise there are no cars in the parking area. Especially MINE! Well now I would have thought it had been stolen if all of the other cars had not been missing. Come to find out all vehicles had been moved pending the arrival of Mrs. Obama later that evening. So now the hunt was on, where was my University Vehicle (just glad it wasn't my own truck, read on and you will understand) had it been towed or what?

So the I am told by Media Technology to go to the "SUB" administration and ask a particular individual. Well he was in a meeting because obviously this is a huge day on campus. So I speak with his assistant. She was under the impression that all vehicles had been moved to the main campus parking structure. Since it is just a short jaunt over to the parking structure I stroll over, climb the stairs to the top and begin my decent. Guess what, no car! Well there is a parking area just across the street (right on route 66) so I cruise it, still NO car! Well now isn't this interesting?

I find someone from parking services. He says that all cars that they moved were moved to the UNM Hospital garage across campus. OK, no worries I walk over to the UNMH garage walk up one side and down the other and guess what, yep NO CAR! OK now my 320 pounds of out of shape being is wearing my energy down.

So I call back to the "SUB" administration. They call automotive services who had brought over spare keys to move the car. Come to find out it was in their lot. No problem, at least now I know where it is located. After I walked back across campus. A gentleman from automotive services comes to pick me up and takes me to the car. Thought the adventure had come to a close I did learn somethings.

One, give my pager number to the girls at the front desk here on campus, because while my cell phone may not work underground, my pager does! Because guess who knew my car had been moved and had a phone number for me to call to get it back?

Two, watch something on the news other than the weather. I could have taken care of all of this at another date.

Three, the secret service keeps their dogs in good shape, bomb dogs that is.

Four, Philip keeps himself in bad shape. Round just is not good for tracing around campus.

Five, DO NOT believe the media. They say Obama supporters are all young and vibrant. yeah right if 80 is young and vibrant!

And last but not least it is not polite to tell them older ladies what you really think of the two candidates when your asked for the 6th time if you are registered to vote!

ps. oh yeah if in Albuquerque, Golden Pride Ribs are not bad for lunch.

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