Thursday, August 14, 2008

Preparing for New Classroom Capture System

As we prepare for our new classroom Capture System from Media Site. There are a few things that have become apparent. Number 1, is that Universities still like to kill trees. Number 2, is don't be in a hurry. The more of a hurry you are in the slower the process, something along the lines of watching a pot boil! Number 3, companies who deal with universities play things so close to the vest and have no concept of outside operations that they have a hard time communicating procedures!

So while we are trying to get our static IP addresses in (thanks Vista!) I also have to map out a plan of how to build a Win Server 2003 Enterprise, Install the Capture Systems which have not arrived, get this done at a remote campus over 2 hours away, make it to the install and training sessions at our main campus AND still get stuff done for new faculty orientations. All while trying to figure out a test for our student employees!

Then again it could just be me!

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